The Sleepy Mommy

On March 22, 2015 by Janet

It’s been 2 months since my beautiful baby girl was born and i’m really starting to feel the tiredness creep in. Night after night we sit up awake, feeding and nursing so we can both go back to sleep. It seems as if my little lady has her own thoughts on what a good time to wake up is, and more often than not it is sometime between 1 and 5 am.

Despite the lack of sleep, it’s been a magical journey so far and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even the lack of sleep might be something we don’t have to worry about for too much longer. Our DD has (as of this week) started waking up only 1 time per night.

I don’t mind getting up just the once, but my husband offered to do some feeding for me to give me a break. So after talking to my online friend Alexis, she sent me to a page she had created which reviews electric breast pumps. So now that I have one, I can produce extra milk, bottle it and my husband can take part in some off the night time feeding sessions.

I haven’t started producing extra milk just yet, but i’m going to give it a try for the first time tonight. I have noticed lately that I have started to get quite hard and sore breasts due to having too much unused milk, and this will also be a great way to avoid getting mastitis, which i’m told can be very painful.

I’ll be sure to keep this page updated with our progress, hopefully from now on we can start to get into more of a routine. As for right now, i’m going to try and take a nap before someone wakes up again, then I get to see how easy using a breast pump can be – wish me luck 🙂

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